ME3101 Britons and Saxons, c. 570 - 822
Lecturer Dr Alex Woolf (Room 15, 71 South Street)
Credits 30
Availability Not available 2019-20
Class Hour See Timetable
Description This module will examine the relationship between English and British communities in the period from the late-sixth to the early-ninth century focusing on conflict and interaction. This period is characterised by both the emergence of kingdoms amongst the English and by the conquest by these kingdoms of most of the territories occupied by the Britons at the beginning of the period. Social and economic aspects of this competition for resources will be examined as will warfare and ecclesiastical structures. The module will rely upon both textual and archaeological materials.

Basic Reading

Bede: The Ecclesiastical History of the English People, tr.McClure and Collins (Oxford, 1994).
T. M. Charles-Edwards (ed.), After Rome, (Oxford, 2003).
B. Yorke, The Conversion of Britain, 600-800, (London, 2006).



Course Structure

One two-hour meeting per week

Assessment 60% examination – one 3-hour paper
40% coursework
Learning Outcomes
  • Awareness of the wider political,  institutional and religious contexts in which he lived and worked
  • Appreciation of the interaction between the world of ideas and social and cultural developments


Restrictions None
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