HI4999 Honours Dissertation in History
Credits 30
Availability Semester 2 only, 2017-18

With the consent of a member of staff and of the Chair of the Degree Committee, candidates may submit a dissertation of between 10,000 and 12,000 words on a topic of their choosing. The topic does not have to relate to work covered in previous Honours courses, though it may be helpful to the candidate if it builds on previous work. The topic and range of sources should be chosen in consultation with a member of staff (in most cases the Supervisor), in order to determine that the student has access to sources as well as a clear plan of preparation.

In order to register for the HONOURS DISSERTATION, the candidate must obtain a dissertation proposal form (available in the School dissertation guidelines page) in the spring of the Junior Honours year, and submit it by the appropriate deadline to the Mediaeval or Modern History office (depending on the proposed topic). The proposal form should be filled out in consultation with a member of staff and will include a brief summary of the proposal and the sources to be consulted.

The dissertation must be completed in accordance with the required School dissertation guidelines and submitted to the School by the end of the First Semester of the Senior Honours year.

Assessment Dissertation 100%

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to undertake independent study
  • Skill in planning and organising a research-based task
  • Use of a wide range of primary and secondary sources
Restrictions Available only to students in the second year of the Honours Programme and cannot be combined with Recording the Past (HI4997) or the Honours Project in History (HI4998).