HI4997 Recording the Past


Mr Tom Dawson and Dr John Clark

Credits 30
Availability Semester 2, 2019-20


With the consent of the module coordinator and of the Chair of the Degree Committee, candidates may submit a project in the form of a radio programme (podcast), video documentary, interactive website or other appropriate and agreed medium.. RECORDING THE PAST is designed to encourage the development of skills of historical analysis through concentrated study on a chosen topic and, in addition, the development of new skills of presentation through multimedia. Group projects are welcome, their volume being dependent on the numbers involved. Regardless of the medium used, the project outcome is assessed on the quality of the research and analysis (including oral interviews and photographic, film or sound sources) and on the technical quality of the final outcome. The project may build on work already done in another module, but it must break new ground and use substantially new research. Students interested in taking the module should contact the co-ordinator in February of the year before they enter Senior Honours. Students wishing to undertake this module must take HI4996, Presenting the Past, in the first semester of Senior Honours. The pre-requisite module will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake film and audio production.

Pre-requisite HI4996 Presenting the Past
Assessment Assessment of this module is by a multimedia portion (60% of the total for the module), the script (25%) and Treatment (15%).
Feedback No feedback can be given until marks are released. Only general comments on the quality of work can be given to students who ask for feedback.


Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to undertake independent study
  • Skill in planning and organising a research-based task
  • Experience in the nature and practice of public history
Restrictions Available only to students in the second year of the Honours Programme and cannot be combined with the Honours Disertation (HI4999) or Honours Project in History (HI4998)