Professor Steve Murdoch

Professor Steve Murdoch

MA, PhD (Abdn), FRHistS

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Teaching and Research Interests

"My main research interests focus on Scottish and British relations with Scandinavia and Northern Europe 1560-1750. I am currently working on a project looking at British Privateering, Swedish Neutrality and the evolution of international maritime law with regard to Prize-taking at sea.  I also continue to publish on various aspects of the Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648."

Main Publications

  • Alexander Leslie and the Scottish Generals of the Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648 (Pickering & Chatto, 2014) - co-authored with Dr Alexia Grosjean
  • The Terror of the Seas? Scottish Maritime Warfare, 1513 - 1713 (Brill Academic Publishers, 2010) [more]
  • Network North: Scottish Kin, Commercial and Covert Associations in Northern Europe, 1603-1746  (Brill Academic Publishers, 2006)   [more]
  • The Navigator - The Log of John Anderson, VOC Pilot-Major, 1640-1643 - edited by Victor Enthoven, Steve Murdoch and Eila Williamson. With the assistance of Ben Teensma. [more]
  • Scottish Communities Abroad in the Early Modern Period  - co-edited with Dr Alexia Grosjean (Brill Academic Publishers, 2005)   [more]
  • Scotland, Scandinavia and Northern Europe Database  (SSNE Database) - co-authored with Dr Alexia Grosjean (1998 - 2004)   [more]
  • Britain, Denmark-Norway and the House of Stuart, 1603-1660: A Diplomatic and Military Analysis  (Tuckwell Press, 2000/2003)   [more]
  • Military Governors and Imperial Frontiers, c.1600-1800: A Study of Scotland and Empires - co-edited with Dr Andrew Mackillop (Brill Academic Publishers, 2003)   [more]
  • Fighting for Identity: Scottish Military Experience, c.1550-1900  - co-edited with Dr Andrew Mackillop (Brill Academic Publishers, 2002)   [more]
  • Scotland and the Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648  - editor (Brill Academic Publishers, 2001)   [more]
  • "Scotland, Europe and the English Missing Link" in History Compass, Vol. 5/3 ( 2007) [more]
  • "John Brown: A Black Female Soldier in the Royal African Company", World History Connected: The Online Journal of World History, vol. 2 (2004)   [more]
  • "Scottish Privateers, Swedish Neutrality and the Third Anglo-Dutch War", - co-authored with Dr Andrew Little and Professor Angelo Forte, Forum Navale, vol. 59 (2003)
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Teaching Duties

Participates in the teaching of First and Second Level Scottish History and offers the following Honours courses:

Participates in the teaching of the following Postgraduate course:

Research Students (current)

Research Students (completed)

  • Darren Layne, The Jacobite constituency of the 1745 uprising
  • Adam Grimshaw, Anglo-Swedish Commercial Contact and Commodity Exchange in the Seventeenth Century
  • Dr Phil McCluskey, Identity and the French Occupation of Savoy (2008)
  • Dr Kathrin Zickermann, Scotland's relations with Northwest Germany, 1580 - 1730 ( 2009)
  • Dr Siobhan Talbott, Franco-Scottish Commercial Relations, 1560 -1713 ( 2010)
  • Dr Adam Marks, England and the Thirty Years' War, 1618 - 1648 ( 2012)
  • Dr Claire McLoughlin, Scotland and the Iberian World, 1580 - 1713 (2013)
  • Dr Cynthia Fry, Jacobean Foreign Relations, 1584 - 1604 (2014)

Main Publications

Network North


Britain, Denmark-Norway and the House of Stuart