Mason, Roger
John Knox on Rebellion, Cambridge University Press, 1994, 290pp.
ISBN 0521399882


Preface vi
Introduction viii
A note on the texts xxv
Further reading xxviii
Principal events in Knox's life xxxi
Biographical notes xxxiii
Abbreviations and references lxi
Glossary lxiv
Part I: The 1558 Tracts  
    The First Blast of the Trumpet 3
    The Letter to the Regent 48
    The Appellation to the Nobility and Estates 72
    The Letter to the Commonalty 115
    Summary of the Second Blast of the Trumpet 128
Part II: Knox and Scotland 1557-1564  
    Knox and the Protestant nobility, March-December 1557 133
    Knox to the Protestant nobility, 17 December 1557 140
    Letters to the regent and nobility, 22 May 1559 149
    The regent and the Congregation, August 1559 157
    The suspension of the regent, October 1559 169
    Knox and Mary Queen of Scots, September 1561 175
    The debate at the General Assembly, June 1564 182
Index of scriptural citations 210
Index of proper names 212
Index of subjects 217



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