Mason, Roger, Kingship and the Commonweal: Political Thought in Renaissance and Reformation Scotland, Tuckwell Press, 1998, 350 pp.
ISBN 186232011X


Preface vii
List of Abbreviations ix
Introduction: Kingship and the Commonweal 1
  1 Kingship, Tyranny and the Right to Resist in Fifteenth-Century Scotland 8
  2 Kingship, Nobility and Anglo-Scottish Union: John Mair's History of Greater Britain (1521) 36
  3 Chivalry and Citizenship: Aspects of National Identity in Renaissance Scotland 78
  4 Regnum et Imperium: Humanism and the Political Culture of Early Renaissance Scotland 104
  5 Knox on Rebellion 139
  6 Usable Pasts: History and Identity in Reformation Scotland 165
  7 George Buchanan, James VI and the Presbyterians 187
  8 James VI, George Buchanan, and The True Lawe of Free Monarchies 215
  9 The Scottish Reformation and the Origins of Anglo-British Imperialism 242
Index 271



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