Noah Moxham

BA (Cantab.) MRes PhD (London)

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Teaching and Research Interests

My PhD investigated the administrative cultures of the early Royal Society, and the various strategies of publication it experimented with in establishing and maintaining an institutional identity.  Since then I have worked on the Leverhulme Networks project "News Networks in Early Modern Europe", and am interested more generally in the histories of early modern science, of the book (especially periodical and ephemeral literature), news and correspondence networks, and the practices of scholarly communication.  I am currently a Research Fellow on the AHRC project "Publishing the Philosophical Transactions, 1665-2015: the social, cultural and economic history of a learned journal"; I am also developing a comparative history of natural-historical publishing projects in early modern Britain and France.

Edited books and special issues of journals

News Networks in Early Modern Europe (with Joad Raymond). In press: Brill, June 2016.

‘350 years of scientific periodicals’ (with Aileen Fyfe and Julie McDougall-Waters). Special Issue of Notes & Records 69.3 (2015)

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

‘An experimental ‘Life’ for an experimental life: Richard Waller’s biography of Robert Hooke’, British Journal for the History of Science, (forthcoming March 2016).

‘Fit for print: developing an institutional model of scientific periodical publishing in England, 1665-ca. 1714’, Notes & Records 69 (2015), 241-60 (DOI: 10.1098/rsnr.2015.0035.)

‘350 years of scientific periodicals’ (with Aileen Fyfe and Julie McDougall-Waters), Notes & Records 69 (2015) 227-39 (DOI: 10.1098/rsnr.2015.0036.)

‘Authors, Editors and Newsmongers: Form and Genre in the Philosophical Transactions under Henry Oldenburg’, in Raymond and Moxham (eds.), News Networks in Early Modern Europe (forthcoming Brill 2016) pp. 463-92

‘Edward Tyson’s Phocaena (1680): A case study in institutional scientific publishing’, Notes & Records 66 (2012), 235-52 (DOI: 10.1098/rsnr.2012.0014.)

Book Reviews

Publishing business in eighteenth-century England, James Raven (Boydell Press 2014), in Business History Review 89 (2015), 374-6