Dr Konrad M Lawson

Dr Konrad M Lawson

BA (Western Washington) MIA (Columbia) MA (Harvard) PhD (Harvard)


Contact Details

E-mail: kml8@st-andrews.ac.uk
Telephone - +44 (0)1334 462927
Fax - +44 (0)1334 462914



Teaching and Research Interests

My current research focuses on the early aftermath of the Japanese empire and on the continuities and transformations of the 1940s transwar period in East and Southeast Asia. My first book manuscript explores the relationship between war crimes and treason in retribution against the military and police collaborators who helped maintain Japan’s wartime occupations until its defeat in 1945. I am interested in the global history of political retribution, decolonisation in East and Southeast Asia, the colonial and post-colonial histories of Korea and Taiwan, Sino-Japanese cultural and intellectual interactions, and the transnational history of encounters and interactions with and within Asia, especially in the context of changing urban spaces and migration. 

Publications and Activities on Research@StAndrews

Current Book Project

  • Wartime Atrocities and the Politics of Treason in the Ruins of the Japanese Empire, 1937-1953 

Digital Humanities


Administrative Duties

Communications Officer, School of History


Special Issues Editor Global Intellectual History
Assistant Editor Sino-Japanese Studies

Coordinator for the MLitt in Transnational, Global and Spatial History
Co-Director of the Institute for Transnational & Spatial History
• Communications Officer, School of History

Teaching Duties

Honours Modules:  

MO3335 The Japanese Empire and its Aftermath, 1873-1952 
MO3337 China's Revolutions, 1850-1989
MO3354 Rethinking the World in East Asia 1850s - 1990s
MO3351 Doing and Practicing Transnational and Global History in the Late Modern World  (Co-taught)
MO3424 De-colonising Asia (Co-taught)
MO4971 The City in East and Southeast Asia c. 1850-1950

Postgraduate Modules:

MO5151-5152 Global Times, Plural Places (Co-taught)
MO5161 Skills in Transnational History
MO5612 Global History, Globalisation, and its Histories (Co-taught)

Research Students

Austin Smith -  Local Patriotism in the Japanese Periphery: Popular Responses to International Conflict and War Commemoration in Tokushima

I will best be able to support students with projects making use of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language sources and conducting field research in East Asia. I welcome applications from prospective PhD applicants in late modern history, especially those with interests in:

  • Politics of retribution, decolonisation and the aftermaths of war in East and Southeast Asia
  • History of migration and urban spaces in East and Southeast Asia
  • History of utopian political or radical alternative social orders, and the history of federalist projects in the twentieth century
  • Modern East and Southeast Asian social, political, and intellectual history with a transnational focus
  • Histories connecting East or Southeast Asia with Latin America or Europe 

Directed Reading Supervision

I welcome requests from MLitt students requesting supervision for Directed Reading modules. Themes I am willing to supervise include:

• Themes in the History of Political Retribution
• Social and Political Aftermaths of Modern War
• East Asian Historiography
• Cities in Modern East and Southeast Asia
• Themes in Modern East Asian Intellectual History
• Decolonisation in East and Southeast Asia
• Migration and Minorities in East and Southeast Asia
• Sino-Japanese Encounters in the 19th and 20th Century
• Gender and Sexuality in East Asian History
• The Chinese Diaspora in Global Context
• Connected Histories of Europe and East Asia
• Modern History of (Japan, China, or Korea)