Dr Justine Firnhaber-Baker

Dr Justine Firnhaber-Baker

BA (Wellesley), AM, PhD (Harvard), FRHistS - Senior Lecturer


Contact Details

E-mail - jmfb@st-andrews.ac.uk
Telephone - +44 (0)1334 463311
Fax - +44 (0)1334 463334

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Teaching and Research Interests

I am chiefly a historian of later mediaeval France, especially during the period of the Hundred Years War (1337-1453). My work relies primarily on unpublished archival sources to explore such issues as the identification of legitimate authority, the conceptual constitution of the community, and the uses of violence. My book, Violence and the State in Later Medieval Languedoc, 1250–1400 (Cambridge, 2014), uses the judicial sources for ‘private wars’ between nobles and other elites in order to better understand how the nascent royalist state engaged with aristocratic violence. 

My current work, supported by an AHRC early career fellowship, focuses on popular revolt in late mediaeval Europe. I am writing a book entitled The Jacquerie of 1358 about a rural revolt that took place near Paris at a key point during the Hundred Years War. I recently published an edited collection of articles by prominent scholars of pre-modern revolt, The Routledge History Handbook of Medieval Revolt (Routledge, 2017).

I also have substantial interests in social and gender history, which underpinned the volume of essays that I co-edited with UCLA art historian Meredith Cohen, Difference and Identity in Francia and Medieval France (Ashgate, 2010).

Main Publications


    • ed. with Dirk Schoenaers, The Routledge History Handbook of Medieval Revolt (Routledge: Abingdon and New York, 2017).
    • Violence and the State in Later Medieval Languedoc, Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2014, paperback 2017). 
    • ed. with Meredith Cohen, Difference and Identity in Francia and Medieval France (Ashgate: Aldershot, 2010, paperback Routledge, 2017).

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

    • ‘The Eponymous Jacquerie: Making Revolt Mean Some Things’, The Routledge History Handbook of Medieval Revolt, ed. Justine Firnhaber-Baker with Dirk Schoenaers (Routledge: Abingdon and New York, 2017), 55-75.
    • ‘Soldiers, Villagers, and Politics: The Role of Mercenaries in the Jacquerie of 1358’, Routiers et mercenaires pendant la guerre de Cent ans, ed. Guilhem Pépin, Françoise Laine, and Frédéric Boutoulle (Ausonius: Bordeaux, 2016), 101–14.
    • 'A son de cloche: The interpretation of public order and legitimate authority in northern France, 1355–1358', Espacio público, opinión y comunicación política a fines de la Edad Media, ed. Hipólito Rafael Oliva Herrer (University of Seville: Seville, 2013), 357-72.
    • 'Formulating Opposition to Seigneurial War in the Parlement de Paris', La Formule au Moyen Âge, ed. Elise Louviot (Brepols: Turnhout, 2013), 209–18.
    • 'Jura in medio: The Settlement of Seigneurial Disputes in Later Medieval Languedoc’, French History, 26 (2012): 441–59.
    • 'Seigneurial War and Royal Power in Later Medieval Southern France', Past & Present, 208 (2010): 37-76.
    • 'Techniques of Seigneurial War in the Fourteenth Century', Journal of Medieval History, 36 (2010): 90-103.
    • 'From God's Peace to the King's Order: Late Medieval Limitations on Non-Royal Warfare', Essays in Medieval Studies, 23 (2006/7): 19-30.
    • ‘The Fonds d’Armagnac: Some Archival Resources for the History of Languedocian Women’, Medieval Feminist Forum, 39 (2005): 22–29.


Administrative Duties

  • Chair of the Mediaeval History Degree Programme

Research Students

Current Research Students

  • Aron Kecskes, The development of Norman lordships in Southern Italy, ca. 1053-1127 (with Justine Firnhaber-Baker)
  • Laura Bernardazzi, The Perception of Combat Wounds: Late Medieval Attitudes and Concepts (with Bettina Bildhauer)
  • Gert-Jan van der Voorde, Lordship in the seneschalsy of Toulouse, c. 1400-1530
  • Ysaline Bourgine de Meder, Lordship in the baillage of Caen, c. 1400-1530
  • Jiazhu Hu, Voices of Medieval English Towns 1300-1500’ (with Rory Cox)
  • Timothy Owens,Philippe de Mézières and Crusading in the Fourteenth Century’ (with Angus Stewart)

Completed Research Students

  • Anna Peterson, ‘Sick Soul, Sick Body: Fourth Lateran Council and hospitals in 13th century Narbonne and Siena’ (with Frances Andrews)

I am happy to talk to potential PhD students about projects in the following areas

  • France (from 1100 to 1500)
  • Later medieval political history, including both popular and institutional history
  • Peasants and the countryside
  • Violence and dispute resolution
  • Women and/or gender in the Middle Ages 

Teaching Duties

Dr Firnhaber-Baker offers the following honours courses:

Main Publications