Scott, Hamish
The Birth of a Great Power System, 1740-1815, London, 2005, 96 pp.
ISBN 0582217172


Dates, Distances and Place Names  
List of Maps  
    Introduction- Europe's Emerging Great Power System  
  1 The European States in 1740  
  2 The War of Austrian Succession, 1740-1748  
  3 The Diplomatic Revolution and the Origins of the Seven Years War, 1748-1756  
  4 The Seven Years War 1756-1763  
  5 The Eighteenth Century International System  
  6 The Transformation of the European System, 1763-1775  
  7 Russian Dominance in Eastern Europe, 1775-1795  
  8 The Anglo-Bourbon Struggle Overseas and in Europe, 1763-1788  
  9 Europe and the French Revolution, 1789-1797  
  10 France's Expansion in Europe 1797-1807  
  11 Napoleonic Europe 1807-1815  
    Conclusion - The Eighteenth Century origins of the Nineteenth Century Great Power System  
Chronology of Principal Events  
Bibliographical Essay