Ritual and Space in the Middle Ages.
Proceedings of the 2009 Harlaxton Symposium.
Edited by Frances Andrews
Shaun Tyas, Donington
ISBN: 978-1-907730-09-2




Frances Andrews Ritual and Space: Definitions and Ways Forward   1
Sible de Blaauw The Church Atrium in Rome as a Ritual Space 30
Andrew Jotischky Holy Fire and Holy Sepulchre: Ritual and Space
in Jerusalem from the Ninth to the Fourteenth Centuries   
Lucy-Anne Hunt Marking Presence: Art, Ritual and Pilgrimage in the
Eastern Mediterranean in the Crusader Period
Rob Meens Violence at the Altar: the Sacred Space around the
Grave of St Martin of Tours and the Practice of Sanctuary
in the Early Middle Ages
Donal Cooper Access All Areas? Spatial Divides in the Mendicant
Churches of Late Medieval Tuscany
Jill Caskey The Look of Liturgy: Identity and ars sacra in Southern Italy 108
Uri Smilansky A Labyrinth of Spaces: Page, Performance and Music
in Late Medieval French Culture
Helen Carrel The Rituals of Town-Crown Relations in post-Black-
Death England
Hannes Kleineke Civic Ritual, Space and Conflict in Fifteenth-Century
David Ditchburn Rituals, Space and the Marriage of James II and
Mary of Guelders, 1449
James Stokes Staging Wonders: Ritual and Space in the Drama and
Ceremony of Lincoln Cathedral and its Environs
John McKinnell For the People/By the People. Public and Private
Spaces in the Durham Sequence of the Sacrament
Catherine Lawless Representation, Religion, Gender and Space in
Medieval Florence
Julian Luxford The Space of the Tomb in Carthusian Consciousness 259
Philip Morgan The Medieval Battlefield War Memorial 282
Nicholas Rogers The Location and Iconography of Confession
in Late Medieval Europe
Maurizio Campanelli Ritual and Space in the Mirror of Texts: the Case of
Late Medieval and Humanist Rome’.
Index 339




Pope, Church and City


The Other Friars


Medieval Italy