Dr Felicity Hill

Dr Felicity Hill

BA (Manchester), MA (London), PhD (UEA)




Contact details
Email: fgh2@st-andrews.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1334 463309
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Research Interests

I came to St Andrews in 2019 from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where I held a research fellowship. Before that I was a fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, and studied at Manchester, UCL and UEA. My research is focused on social and religious history. My forthcoming book, Excommunication in Thirteenth-Century England: Community, Politics and Publicity (Oxford University Press), examines the social, political and spiritual consequences of the medieval church’s most severe sanction. Focusing on the practice of excommunication, I examine how the censure was used, and how it affected the consciences and reputations of those sentenced. My research on excommunication has led to interest in pastoral care, lay piety, ecclesiastical law, defamation, scandal and ostracism, and particularly communication. The considerable publicity afforded sentences of excommunication profoundly affected medieval society, and my new project builds upon my work on excommunication as a means of mass communication. I am investigating 'common knowledge' in medieval England and France, in particular what secular and ecclesiastical authorities sought to communicate to the wider populace in oral proclamations and announcements.



  • 'Damnatio eternae mortis or medicinalis non mortalis: the ambiguities of excommunication in thirteenth-century England', in Thirteenth Century England XVI, ed. A.M. Spencer and Carl Watkins (2017).
  • ‘Magna Carta, canon law, and pastoral care: excommunication and the church's publication of the charter’, Historical Research 89 (2016).

Teaching Duties

I contribute to ME1006 Scotland and the English Empire 1070 – 1500 and ME2003 Mediaeval Europe (11th-15th c.) at subhonours level and offer the following honours courses:

ME3018 Conflict and cooperation: church and monarchy in Britain, 1066-1307

ME3*** The Papal Monarchy: Popes, emperors and kings in the high middle ages

I am happy to hear from research students thinking about working on aspects of ecclesiastical and religious history in high medieval Europe.