Dr Dimitri Kastritsis

Dr Dimitri Kastritsis

BA (Chicago), PhD (Harvard) - Lecturer

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E-mail - dk19@st-and.ac.uk
Telephone - +44 (0)1334 463055
Fax - +44 (0)1334 462914

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Teaching and Research Interests

My research focuses on the political, cultural, and intellectual history of the early and classical Ottoman Empire. I am especially interested in political culture and ideology, the role of historical narrative, and placing the Ottomans in the wider context of the late medieval and early modern Mediterranean and Middle East. I will soon be publishing a study and translation of an early Ottoman history (please see below) and am currently working on a monograph about the early Ottoman imperial project. My teaching stretches from Late Antiquity to modern times. 

Main Publications


  • An Early Ottoman History: The Oxford Anonymous Chronicle (Bodleian Marsh 313). Liverpool University Press: Translated Texts for Byzantinists, 2017.
  • The Sons of Bayezid: Empire Building and Representation in the Ottoman Civil War of 1402-1413. Brill, 2007.
  • The Tales of Sultan Mehmed, Son of Bayezid Khan, Annotated English Translation, Turkish Edition, and Facsimiles. Sources of Oriental Languages and Literatures 78. Harvard NELC, 2007.

Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Cunning Viziers and Drinking Parties: Interpreting Early Ottoman Narratives of State Formation.” The Flux and Reflux of Late Medieval State Formations: Integration, Negotiation and Political Order Across Fifteenth-Century Eurasia. Edited by Jo Van Steenbergen. Leiden and Boston: Brill (in press)
  • “Legend and Historical Experience in Fifteenth-Century Ottoman Narratives of the Past.” How the Past was Used. Essays in Historical Culture. Edited by Peter Lambert and Björn Weiler. Oxford: Proceedings of the British Academy (2017)
  • “The Alexander Romance and the Rise of the Ottoman Empire.” Literature and Intellectual Life in Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-century Anatolia. Edited by A. C. S. Peacock and S. N. Yıldız. Würzburg: Ergon Verlag, Istanbuler Texte und Studien (2016), 243–83
  • “The Historical Epic Ahvāl-i Sultān Mehemmed (The Tales of Sultan Mehmed) in the Context of Early Ottoman Historiography.” In Emine Fetvacı and Erdem Çıpa, eds., Writing History at the Ottoman Court: Editing the Past, Fashioning the Future. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, (2013): 1–22
  • "Ferīdūn Beg’s Münşeʾātü ’s-Selāṭīn (‘Correspondence of Sultans’) and Late Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Views of the Political World." Imperial Geographies in Byzantine and Ottoman Space. Edited by Dimiter Angelov, Yota Batsaki and Sahar Bazzaz. Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies (2013), 91–110.
  • “The Revolt of Şeyh Bedreddin in the Context of the Ottoman Civil War of 1402–13.” Halcyon Days in Crete VII. Political Initiatives “From the Bottom Up” in the Ottoman Empire. Edited by Antonis Anastasopoulos. University of Crete Press (2012), 233–250
  • “Conquest and Legitimacy in the Early Ottoman Empire.” Byzantines, Latins, and Turks in the Eastern Mediterranean World after 1150. Edited by Jonathan Harris, Catherine Holmes, and Eugenia Russell. Oxford Studies in Byzantium. Oxford University Press (2012), 221–245
  • "The Trebizond Alexander Romance (Venice Hellenic Institute Codex Gr. 5): The Ottoman Fate of a Fourteenth-century Illustrated Byzantine Manuscript." In Memoriam Angeliki Laiou. Edited by Cemal Kafadar and Nevra Necipoğlu. Journal of Turkish Studies 36 (2011): 103–131
  • Religious Affiliations and Political Alliances in the Ottoman Succession Wars of 1402–1413." Medieval Encounters 13 (2007): 222–242



Administrative Duties

Chair, Middle East Studies
Director, Centre for Anatolian and East Mediterranean Studies
Member of the Institute for Iranian Studies
Member of the St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies
Member of the St Andrews Institute of Intellectual History

Teaching Duties

I participate in teaching and lecturing on MH2002 and offer the following honours courses:


Research Students

I am happy to supervise students interested in Ottoman history before the nineteenth century, Late Byzantine history, and the history of the Medieval and Early Modern Middle East.

Current Research Students

Alasdair Grant, "Cross-Confessional Interfaces in the Late Byzantine World"

Main Publications

The Tales of Sultan Mehmed