Kastritsis, Dimitris
The Sons of Bayezid: Empire Building and Representation in the Ottoman
Civil War of 1402-1413
Brill, 2007, 250 pp,
ISBN 978 90 04 15836 8




List of Maps  
List of Abbreviations  
Transliteration and Usage  
Introduction: The Battle of Ankara and its Consequences  
I. The Political Landscape after Ankara (28 July 1402-Spring 1403)  
II. Anatolia between İsa and Mehmed Çelebi (Spring 1403-September 1403)  
III. Anatolia between Emir Süleyman and Mehmed Çelebi (before March 1403-14 June 1410)  
IV. Rumeli between Emir Süleyman and Musa Çelebi (1409?-17 February 1411)  
V. The Reign of Musa Çelebi and the End of the Civil War (17 February 1411-5 July 1413)  
VI. Narrative and Legitimation in the Ottoman Civil War  
Appendix: Translation Of Abdülvasi Çelebi, Halilname, “The Battle of Sultan Mehmed with Musa and the Defeat of Musa"  



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