Allan, David
Philosophy and Politics in Later Stuart Scotland: Neo-Stoicism, Culture and Ideology in an Age of Crisis, 1540-1690 , Tuckwell Press, East Linton, 2000, 220 pp.
ISBN 186232125


Acknowledgements vii
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  1 'Defying the Tempests of the Age': Neo-Stoicism, Europe and Reformation Scotland 1
  2 'Drinking Deep of the Muses' Cup' : Poetry, Philosophy and the Neo-Latin Imagination 46
  3 'To Hide Ones Selfe in Parnassus?' : Constructing the Politics of Neo-Stoicism 88
  4 'My State a Storme Surpris'd': Scottish Royalism and the Eclipse of Politics 134
  5 Reconciliation or Retirement?: Philosophy and Political Activity in Restoration Scotland 176
  6 Conclusion: The Practice of Philosophical Principle: Neo-Stoicism, Philosophy and Politics 214
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