Kaul, Chandrika (editor)
Media and the British Empire, Palgrave MacMillan, 2006, 256pp.
ISBN: 1403948828



Introduction - C Kaul  
1   'To Enlighten South Africa': The Creation of a Free Press at the Cape in the Early Nineteenth Century; J.M.Mackenzie
2   The Thinking is Done in London': South Africa's English Language Press and Imperialism; J.Lambert
3   'The Old Pals Protection Society?' The Colonial Office and the British Press on the Eve of Decolonisation; J.Lewis & P.Murphy  
4   The Media and the Exile of Seretse Khama: The Bangwato vs. the British in Bechuanaland, 1848-56; S.Williams  
5   Ernest Jones' Mutiny: The People's Paper, English Politics and the Indian Rebellion 1857-58; T.Pratt  
6   Writing to the Defence of Empire: Winston Churchill's Press Campaign Against Constitutional Reform in India, 1929-1935; I.St.John  
7   India, the Imperial Press Conferences and the Empire Press Union: The Diplomacy of News in the Politics of Empire, 1909-1946; C.Kaul  
8   'Business as Usual'?: British Newsreel Coverage of Indian Independence and Partition, 1947-1948; P.Woods  
9   Purity, Obscenity, and the Making of an Imperial Censorship System; D.Heath
10   Peripheral Politics? Antipodean Interventions in Imperial News and Cable Communication, 1870-1912; D.Cryle  
11   A 'Sense of Common Citizenship'? Mrs Potts of Reefton, New Zealand, Communicates with the Empire; R.Harvey  
12   That Some Must Suffer for the Greater Good: The Post Courier and the Bougainville Crisis; P.Cass  
13   The Influence of the British Empire Through the Development of Communications in Canada: French Radio Broadcasting During the Second World War; A.Canuel  
14   Echoes of Cosmopolitanism: Colonial Penang's 'Indigenous' English Press; S.L.Lewis  



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Media and the British Empire