Putnis, Peter; Kaul, Chandrika; Wilke, Jurgen
International Communication and Global News Networks, Historical Perspectives , Hampton Press, 2011
ISBN: 9781612890548


Acknowledgments vii
Introduction Peter Putnis, Chandrika Kaul, and Jurgen Wilke 1
1 Trading Facts: Arrow's Fundamental Paradox and the Origins of Global News Networks Gerben Bakker 9
2 Double-Edged Swords: Communications Media and the Global Financial Crisis of 1873 Dwayne Winseck 55
3 "An Imperial Village": Communications, Media and Globalization in India Chandrika Kaul 83
4 In an Indian Net: China and British Imperial War News (1839-1842) Stephen Vella 99
5. Telegraphy, Mass Media, and Mobilization: Australians in Sudan, 1885 Peter Putnis 119
6 How Havas Lost the War: The Spanish-American War Revisited Rhoda Desbordes 143
7 The End of the Electronic News Cartel, 1927-1934 Terhi Rantanen 167
8 North American Triangle: Canadian Press, Associated Press, and Reuters, 1918-1939 Gene Allen 189
9 The British Cable and Wireless Merger (1928-29) as an International/National News Event Denis Cryle 217
10 Between Fragmentation and Integration: European News Markets from the 19th to the 21st Century Jurgen Wilke 245
About the Contributors 263
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