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Dr Angus Stewart


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Teaching and Research Interests

My main research and teaching interests include the study of diplomatic, military and cultural interaction in the eastern Mediterranean world in the age of the Crusades (c. 1000-1350).

More specifically, topics I am interested in include:  Egypt and Syria from the Fatimids to the Ayyubids and, especially, Mamluks; the Mediaeval Armenian kingdom; the Mongols in the West; the Crusades, especially the later expeditions and planned expeditions to the Near East; relations between Western Europe and the Near East, especially in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Main Publications

  • The Armenian Kingdom and the Mamluks:  War and Diplomacy during the reigns of Het'um II (1289-1307) (in Brill's series "The Medieval Mediterranean:  Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1453", Leiden, 2001). [Details]
  • ‘The Armenian Kingdom and the Mongol-Frankish Encounter’, in Kurt Villads Jensen, Kirsi Salonen and Helle Vogt (eds), Cultural Encounters during the Crusades (Odense:  University of Southern Denmark, 2013), pp. 263-81. [Details]
  • ‘The Armenian kingdom and the Near East:  Het‘um of Gorigos and the Flor des estoires de la terre d’Orient’, in Urbain Vermeulen, Kristof D'hulster and Jo Van Steenbergen (eds), Egypt and Syria in the Fatimid, Ayyubid and Mamluk eras, VII (Leuven:  Peeters, 2013), pp. 525-48 [Details]
  • ‘Between Baybars and Qalāwūn:  Under-Age Rulers and Succession in the Early Mamlūk Sultanate’, in Al-Masāq:  Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean 19 (2007), pp. 47-54
  • 'Qal'at al-Rum/Hromgla/Rumkale and the Mamluk Siege of 691AH/1292CE', in H. Kennedy (ed.), Muslim Military Architecture in Greater Syria (Leiden, 2006), 269-280.
  • 'The Assassination of King Het'um II:  the Conversion of the Ilkhans and the Armenians' Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, series 3, xv (2005): 45-61. 
  •  'The Logic of Conquest:  Tripoli, 1289; Acre, 1291; Why not Sis, 1293?', in Al-Masaq:  Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean  xiv (2002): 7-16


Administrative Duties

Equal Opportunities Convenor

Teaching Duties

Participates in the teaching of First and Second Level Mediaeval History and Middle Eastern History and offers the following Honours courses:

Research Students

Current students

Timothy Owens, 'Philip of Mézières, 1327-1405, and Crusading in the Fourteenth Century'
Philip Riding, The Role of the Household in the Syrian Political Landscape 1150-1260

Completed students

Kenneth Goudie, 'The Role of Holy War in Islamic and Christian Eschatology'

Main Publications