Dr Ana Del Campo

Dr Ana del Campo

BA., (Award of Academic Excellence), MA.,  PhD., (University of Saragossa, Spain)

Lecturer (Education Focused)


Contact Details

E-mail - adcg@st-andrews.ac.uk
Telephone - +44 (0)1334 462942
Fax - +44 (0)1334 463334



Teaching and Research Interests

After obtaining her PhD at the University of Saragossa (Spain), Ana del Campo was awarded a Fulbright Postdoctoral Research Fellowship that took her to Yale University (USA) for two years. She joined the School of History at St Andrews in 2014.

Ana started her research career as a social historian, but quickly moved towards cultural and religious history. Since her PhD thesis she has been interested in death and this lead to her current book project, which is a monograph on funerary rituals in the city of Saragossa. Mourning, particularly the transition from excessive or violent grief gestures to more restrained ones, is one of the aspects of death that interests her the most. This has led Ana to work a little bit on the history of emotions, a topic on which she would like to do more research in the future.
A main element in Ana’s research is gender. She has worked extensively on women, particularly on their participation in guilds and low-income jobs done almost exclusively by them, as well as on women’s authority and power within Iberian urban elites.

Ana mainly works on Iberia, particularly on the Crown of Aragon, but draws frequent comparisons with other Southern European areas. The period she researches upon goes from the thirteenth through to the late fifteenth century. Ana is also interested in historiography and history theory. She has worked on positivism and the first medievalists in Spain.


Main Publications

Current Book Project
Smoke on the Walls: Death in a Late Medieval Iberian City (Saragossa, c.1350-c.1400).

Editions of Primary Sources
El libro de testamentos de 1384-1407 del notario Vicente de Rodilla. Una introducción a los documentos medievales de últimas voluntades de Zaragoza, Saragossa: Institución Fernando el Católico (CSIC), 2010.
Los libros de testamentos de los notarios zaragozanos Tomas Batalla (1344) y Domingo Aguilón (1362), Saragossa: Institución Fernando el Católico, 2014.

Re-editions of Classic Historiography
Francis Darwin Swift, Vida y época de Jaime I el Conquistador, rey de Aragón, Valencia y Mallorca, conde de Barcelona y Urgel, señor de Montpellier, edition and introduction by Ana del Campo,  Saragossa : Institución Fernando el Católico (CSIC), 2012.
Mercedes Gaibrois de Ballesteros, María de Molina, edition and prologue by Ana del Campo, Pamplona : Urgoiti Editores, 2010.

Selected Articles and Book Chapters
-‘Crying tears, tearing clothes: Expressing grief and rage in the Middle Ages’,  Life and Religion in the Middle Ages, ed. by Flocel Sabaté, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015, pp. 305-327.
 -‘Las mujeres y los trabajos relacionados con la muerte en la Edad Media’, in María Isabel del Val Valdivieso and Juan Francisco Jiménez Alcázar (eds.), Las mujeres en la Edad Media. Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Estudios Medievales, Murcia: Sociedad Española de Estudios Medievales and Editum, 2013, pp. 203-211.
-‘El matrimonio como detonante de conflictos feudales en el Aragón del siglo XIV: El divorcio de Luis Cornel y Sevilla de Luna y la intervención de Elfa de Xérica’, Aragón en la Edad Media, 23 (2012), pp. 67-96.
-‘Ceux qui travaillent avec la mort: Entre la professionnalisation et les travaux occasionnels de fossoyeurs, pleureuses et organisatrices des funérailles à Saragosse (Royaume d’Aragon) à fin du Moyen Âge’, Mélanges de l’École Française de Rome. Italie et Méditerranée, 123: 1 (2011), pp. 81-89.
-‘Catalina del Hospital: ciudadana por prestigio’, in Blanca Garí (ed.), Vidas de mujeres del Renacimiento, Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona, 2007, pp. 23-46.
-‘El discurso de la muerte en los fueros, observancias y ordinaciones del Reino de Aragón’, in César González Mínguez and Iñaki Bazán Díaz (ed.), El discurso legal ante la muerte durante la Edad Media en el nordeste peninsular, Bilbao: Universidad del País Vasco, 2006, pp. 425-454.
-‘Mozas y mozos sirvientes en la Zaragoza de la segunda mitad del siglo XIV’, Aragón en la Edad Media, 19 (2006), pp. 97-111.
-‘Indicios y certezas: Mulieres religiosae en Zaragoza (siglos XIII-XVI)’, Acta Historica et Archaeologica Mediaevalia, 26 (2005), pp. 345-362 (with María del Carmen García Herrero).
-‘El status femenino desde el punto de vista del trabajo (Zaragoza, siglo XIV)’, Aragón en la Edad Media, 18 (2004), pp. 265-298.
-‘Enfermar, morir y descansar: el caso de Francisca Mompaón en la Zaragoza de 1399’, Turiaso, 17 (2003-2004), pp. 174-196.

Teaching Duties

Dr del Campo offers/has offered the following honours courses (third and fourth years):

- ME3420 Rich and Poor in the Later Middle Ages
- ME3426 Women and Gender in the Later Middle Ages
- ME3428 Death and the After Life in Late Medieval Europe

She also teaches tutorials and lectures in the following team-taught subhonours modules (first and second years):

- ME1006 Scotland and the English Empire (1070-1500)
ME2003 Medieval Europe (Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries)
HI2001 History as a Discipline: Development and Key Concepts

At postgraduate level, Ana contributes to these interdisciplinary courses in the MLitt in Medieval Studies:

- MS5101 Approaches to Medieval Studies (I): Dante and His World
- MS5102 Approaches to Medieval Studies (II): Otherness and Other Worlds

Ana also supervises undergraduate and masters dissertations.

She regularly teaches workshops for CAPOD, the Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development at the University of St Andrews.

Professional Memberships

- Sociedad Española de Estudios Medievales (Spanish Society of Medieval Studies)
- Medieval Academy of America
- St Andrews Institute of Medieval Studies
- Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research, University of St Andrews

Administrative Duties

- Module Co-ordinator for ME2003 and HI2001

- Co-ordinator of the School of History’s Academic Skills Programme

- Safety Officer for South Street History Buildings (71 South Street & St John's House)

Teaching Awards

- Winner of the Students’ Association Teaching Awards in the category of sub-honours teaching, University of St Andrews, 2015-2016.
- Nominated for the University of St Andrews Teaching Awards, University of St Andrews, 2016-2017.
- Nominated for the University of St Andrews Teaching Awards, University of St Andrews, 2015-2016.
- Nominated and shortlisted for the Students’ Association Teaching Awards in the categories of sub-honours (nominated and shortlisted) and honours (nominated) teaching, University of St Andrews, 2014-2015.


Main Publications