Woolf, Alex (editor)
Landscape and Environment in Dark Age Scotland, The Committee for Dark Age Studies, University of St Andrews, 2006, 90 pp.
ISBN: 0951257366

    Preface - Alex Woolf 7
  1 Into the Dim Light of History: More of the Same or All Change? - Strut Halliday 11
  2 Introduced Oak Woodlands in Northern Scotland: Pollen Analytical Evidence for Early Historic Plantations - Richard Tipping, Althea Davies and Robert McCulloch 29
  3 A Tenth-Century Tree-Ring Event in Scotland: Proxy Evidence for Social and Economic Change - Anne Crone 49
  4 The Dabhach in Moray: A New Look at an Old Tub - Alasdair Ross 57
  5 Place-names in the Historical Landscape: Changing Land Use in The Howe of Fife - Simon Taylor 75


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