Dr Alexia Grosjean

Dr Alexia Grosjean

MA, PhD (Abdn), FSA Scot


E-mail - anlg@st-and.ac.uk


Teaching and Research Interests

Main research interests concern 17th century Scottish-Swedish relations, but also a broader British-Scandinavian comparative, in military, diplomatic, nobility, educational and religious spheres. Currently working on British Musicians in Scandinavia in the period 1520-1648.

Teaching interest is mostly language-based: Gaelic, Swedish and French.

Main Publications


  • Alexander Leslie and the Scottish Generals of the Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648 (London, 2014), co-author Steve Murdoch
  • An Unofficial Alliance: Scotland and Sweden 1569-1654 (Brill Academic Publishers, 2003)
  • Scottish Communities Abroad in the Early Modern Period co-edited with Steve Murdoch  (Brill Academic Publishers, 2005).
  • Belhelvie: A Millennium of History co-authored with Steve Murdoch (Belhelvie Community Council, 2001)


  • A Time when Fools and Dwarfs were Highly Esteemed? Seeking the Late Medieval Scandinavian Herlad in K. Stevenson (ed.) The Herald in Late Medieval Europe (Suffolk, 2009)
  • ‘Irish Participation in Scandinavian Armies during the Thirty Years’ War’ co-authored with Steve Murdoch in The Irish Sword, Vol. XXIV, no.97 (Summer 2005 – published 2006)
  • ‘The Scottish Community in Seventeenth-Century Gothenburg’ co-authored with Steve Murdoch in Alexia Grosjean and S. Murdoch (eds.), Scottish Communities Abroad in the Early Modern Period (Brill Academic Publishers, 2005).
  •  ‘Returning to Belhelvie 1593-1875, the impact of returning migrants on an Aberdeenshire Parish’ in M. Harper (ed.), Emigrant Homecomings: the return movement of emigrants1600-2000 (Manchester, 2005)
  •  ‘Irish Soldiers in Swedish Service, 1609-1613’ co-authored with Steve Murdoch in The Irish Sword, Vol. XXIV, no.96 (Winter 2004)
  • ‘A century of Scottish governorship in the Swedish empire, 1574-1690’ in S. Murdoch and A. Mackillop (eds.), Military Governors and Imperial Frontiers c. 1600-1800, a study of Scotland and empires (Brill Academic Publishers, 2003).
  •  ‘Royalist soldiers and Cromwellian allies: the Cranstoun levy in Sweden’, S. Murdoch and A. Mackillop (eds.), Fighting for Identity: The Scottish Military Experience c.1550-1900 (Brill Academic Publishers, 2002).
  • ‘Scotland: Sweden's closest Ally?’ in S. Murdoch (ed.), Scotland and the Thirty Years' War 1618-1648 (Brill Academic Publishers, 2001).
  • ‘General Alexander Leslie, the Scottish Covenanters and the Riksråd debates’ in A.I. Macinnes,  T. Riis and F. Pedersen, (eds.), Ships, Guns and Bibles in the North Sea and the Baltic States, c. 1350 c.1700 (Tuckwell Press, 2000).
  • ‘Scottish-Scandinavian Seventeenth century Naval Links: a case study for the SSNE database’, Northern Studies, vol. 32, (1997).
  • ‘The Alternative Band: Scotlan's ties wi Sweiden, 1550-1599’, Cairn, no. 1, (1997).
  • Series of biographical articles commissioned by the Dictionary of National Biography (currently 21 entries).

Edited Texts:

  • with S. Murdoch, ‘The Riksråd Debates, 1638-1640’. Documents 117 & 118 in C. Erskine, A.R. MacDonald and M. Penman (eds.), Scotland: The Making and Unmaking of the Nation, c.1100-1707. Volume 5: Major Documents (Dundee, 2007).
  • With S. Murdoch, ‘Royal Supplications to the Swedish Boards of Trades and Mines on behalf of Denis O’Brien (1723-16) and John O’Kelly (1725-28)’ in Archivium Hibernicum, LX (2006-2007)

Online Datasets:

  • Scotland, Scandinavia and Northern European Biographical Database SSNE co-authored with Steve Murdoch