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Johan Maclean (Macklijn) became a burgess of Stockholm on 4 February 1681. He was active in the wine trade and may have been a relative of James Maclean [SSNE 312], although that requires substantiation.

Johan Maclean was responsible for several burials at Klara Kyrka in Stockholm. He buried children there in 1686, 1691 as well as his brother-in-law Per Beck in 1698; his son-in-law Johan Halliday in 1704 and his wife in 1710.

Johan Maclean is noted as purchasing a plot on 8 June 1694 located in Gamla Stan which comprised both Stora Nygatan 39 (also known Typhon 11) and Västerlånggatan 54 (also known as Typhon 8). The Stora Nygatan side of the plot was listed as vacant in 1651. When Johan Maclean obtained the plot he had a stone house erected by Martin Jörien Helling. This building for a time known as 'Macklins hus' and the facade as visible today is believed to be the same as that of 1694.

The property is the back of Västerlånggatan 54 (also known as Typhon 8) is generally known as Grönbergska huset, in reference to Peter Grönberg who purchased it from its original owner, Didrik Skekerman (a wine merchant who ran an inn during 1589-1597). The house was sold by Grönberg's descendants sold the building to Johan von der Hagen (Grönberg's widow died in 1665), whose widow sold it on in 1683 to Paul Kiöpke before Maclean acquired it.

Subsequently in 1700 Johan Maclean purchased the southern half of a plot which comprises modernday Baggensgatan 17- Österlånggatan 18 (also known as Perseus 6). The other half of the plot was purchased by the widow of Oluf Sparman. It is not clear what kind of buildings were raised at that time but in the first half of the 1700s the current "double" building was constructed, then owned by Anders Sälgström.

Johan Maclean was married to Märta Duwalt in her second marriage. She had first been married to Jacob Helleday, of Scottish ancestry. Märta Duwalt died in 1720.


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