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John Hay is noted as a master of fortifications in Swedish service since 1609. He received 81 riksdaler in salary as a master of the fortifications. Before 28 May 1611 he was given a location to build fortifications at Nyen and these were begun immediately. In 1612 he became a master of provisions and received 40 riksdaler in salary. The following year he received 23 and 1/2 riksdaler. This is probably the same Hans "Hei" noted as a Scotsman and as 'master of the sconce' in the Stockholm consistory records. In May 1615 Maria Olafsdotter, who had been betrothed to Hans 5 years earlier, sought a separation from him. The church advised that the couple should first try reconciliation. This may be the same John Hay who was a captain in Samuel Cockburn's [SSNE 4219] regiment at Reval in 1615. His salary rose steadily as in 1616 he received 61 riksdaler and in 1617 149 riksdaler. In 1630 he was in Kalmar as master of provisions and was responsible for sending out beer and other items to the army in Germany. He was probably the brother of Alexander Hay [SSNE 437].


Sources: Stockholm Stadsarkiv, Stockholmsstads Konsistorii Protokoll, 1595-1632, vol.3, pp.93-94; T. Fischer, The Scots in Sweden, (Edinburgh, 1907), p.224; L.W. Munthe, Kungl. Fortifikationens Historia (Stockholm, 1916), vol. 6:2, pp.166-173.

Service record

Departed 1630-12-31, as PROVISIONS MASTER
Capacity ENGINEER, purpose MILITARY