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James Merser was a citizen and burgess in Gothenburg from 1621. He served as a town councillor from 1652-1656. His name appears on shipping manifests between 1638 and 1655, often in conjunction with John Maclean [SSNE 1631]and in the 1639 citizen's list his occupation was given as general trader. In 1638 he exported tar to Crail, but also sent goods to Amsterdam and Hamburg; in 1641 he exported timber products to Anstruther and "Scotland", and once to Amsterdam; and that year he also exported bar iron to Crail. During 1645 he only dealt with Scotland, including a mystery destination of "Erllian", sending timber to Crail; and again in 1649 he only dealt with Scotland, including exporting timber to Leith on the same ship with goods from Alexander Young [SSNE 7164], Maclean and Francis Barker [SSNE 4680]. He then dealt only with Stockholm and Amsterdam in 1651. The next year his trade involved Stockholm, Pittenweem, Norrköping, Hamburg and other Scottish destinations. He also sent goods to Norway in 1653, as well as Scotland, Stockholm and Hamburg. Norrköping and Stralsund were his only destinations in 1654. In 1655 he exported timber to Dundee, and iron to Anstruther. His name no longer seems to appear on the trade lists for Scotland after 1655. He had business dealings with many other Scots. One particular letter was co-signed by William Merser [SSNE 4923], Jacob Gardiner[SSNE 4922], Ignatius Menner, Jurgen Garden Junior [SSNE 4924], James Gardiner [SSNE 4937], Robert Smidt [SSNE 4938]. He was probably related to Hans Merser [SSNE 6926].

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Service record

Arrived 1621-01-01
Departed 1656-11-30
Capacity BURGESS, purpose CIVIC