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Sir Edward Wood is listed as a Stuart envoy in Sweden between 1672-9, and sent letters regarding the state of relations between Denmark and Sweden. In October 1673 Wood became involved in a case concerning a (English?) skipper's alleged treasonous statements about King Charles II, having called him a "Papist". This skipper was named Herman Backer. The next month Wood engaged in correspondence with the Swedish government over their change in policy toward foreign merchants: suddenly these were no longer to be allowed to live in Sweden for any longer than 2 months in any one year. Wood wanted to be informed which 2 months of the year in particular would apply to British merchants, and that all those in Sweden who owed money to these merchants should be made to pay them immediately. Wood also interceded on behalf of Lord David William, Scottish nobleman, who had been incarcerated in Sweden by Baron Horn (governor and general) in 1679. Wood appeared to be using Erik Dahlberg as an intermediary for sending correspondence safely between April and June 1679, particularly for forwarding letters to resident John Paul [SSNE 1177] in Copenhagen. Wood noted that he was heading for Christianstad in June 1679.

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Service record

Arrived 1672-07-08
Departed 1679-12-15
Capacity ENVOY, purpose DIPLOMACY