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James Wallace is recorded as acting as a royal messanger to all Charles' subjects in Russia, according to a letter sent and signed by Charles himself: "the Colonells, Captaines, and souldiours serveing and resident at Russia, under the Command of the said great Lord and Emperour of Muscovia".

Stirling's Register of Royal Letters 1615-1635, vol. 2, p.632.



Charles, be the Grace of God king of Great Britane, &c. To the great Lord and Emperour of Russia, and dear Vncle the King of Denmark, and our dear brother the King of Sweden, and to all other kings, princes, potentats, and governours of commonwealths and citeis, vnto whois dominions and jurisdictions our trustie and weilbelovit subject James Wallace, the bearer heirof, shall cum by sea or land. Greeting.

Wheras we ar heirby graciouslie pleased (at the humble requeist of our loveing subjects the Colonells, Capitanes, and souldiours serveing and resident at Eussia, vnder the Command of the said great Lord and Emperour of Muscovia) To appoynt and ordeyne the aforsaid James Wallace a messinger for caryeing letters from ws and our loveing subjects in great Britane and these our subjects in Eussia and Muscovia, for the better knowing and vnderstanding the estate of ther affaires and health by intercourse of letters :

Therfor by these presents we doe requeist the said great Lord and Emperour, our said dear vncle the king of Denmark, and dear brother the king of Sweden, and other kings, princes, and potentats as aforsaid. To permitt the said James Wallace, with his servands, frielie and saiflie to pass, with all freindlie assistance and furtherance, thrugh your kingdomes, dominions, territoreis, and citeis, he behaveing himselff honestlie and discreitlie : And lykwyse we will and command all our governours, officers, and ministers of Cinque Ports, and of all other ports within any of our dominions, to assist, further, and permitt the said James Wallace, with his servands, frielie to embark, pass, and repasse without your molestatioun or hinderance to and from the parts aforsaid, as often as occasion shalbe offered : Togidder with all such provisions as shalbe necessarie for his said travells, as yow, our saidis officers wiU answer, the contrarie at your perrells.—Gevin at our palace of Westminster, the 26 No'', Anno Salutis 1632, and of our Regne the Eight.

Subscribitur, Carolus R.

Service record

Arrived 1632-11-26
Departed 1633-12-31
Capacity ENVOY, purpose DIPLOMACY