Late Modern History Research Seminar Programme

Convenors: Dr Bernhard Struck

Unless otherwise stated, all seminars take place in room 1.10, St Katharine's Lodge, at 16.30. Refreshments will be provided.

Semester 2 2016/17

Monday, 30 January
Yang-wen Zheng (University of Manchester)

“Wind of the West Ocean” [西洋风]: How the Maritime World Shaped Modern China

Monday, 20 February - Change of time and venue - 5 pm, School II, St Salvators Quad followed by reception and drinks in Quad Room 54
Carol Gluck (Columbia University)
(In collaboration with the Japanese Society St Andrews)
Modernity in Common: Japan and World History

Monday, 27 February - (In collaboration with the Royal Historical Society)
Nicola Martin (University of Stirling)
‘Pacification on the Fringes of the Empire: the army in Scotland and North America 1745-75’

Monday, 27 March
Kate Ferris (University of St Andrews)
In vino veritas?: Alcohol and its spaces of consumption in fascist Italy

Monday, 3 April
Sarah Easterby-Smith (University of St Andrews)
Gathering green gold: Botany and the French empire in the eighteenth-century Indian Ocean