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Seminars will resume in Semester 2, 5.15 pm in Old Seminar Room, South Street

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MES Seminars – Semester 2

Thursday 8 March
Dr Richard McClary (University of Edinburgh)
Re-contextualising the Object: Using New Technologies to Reconstruct Lost Interiors of Medieval Islamic Buildings

Thursday 15 March - POSTPONED
Dr Siavush Randjdbar-Daemi (St Andrews)
Close Encounters of a Communist Kind: The Tudeh-Partito Comunista Italiano Entanglement

Thursday 5 April
Dr Mustafa Tupev (Oxford)

Constructing Politics with Bricks: Stylistic Changes in the Architecture of Bukhara after 1557

Thursday 12 April
Dr Ilse Sturkenboom (St Andrews)
Why was ʿAṭṭār’s Manṭiq al-Ṭayr (‘Conference of the Birds’) Illustrated?

Monday 16 April (5.15 pm, Parliament Hall)
(Jointly with SAIMS, Annual lecture of the Centre for Anatolian and East Mediterranean Studies)
Professor Dimiter Angelov (Harvard)
Native or Western? New Evidence on Ordeals in Byzantium

Thursday 19 April
Dr Fiona Haarer (King’s College)
Diplomacy, Acculturation, Christianisation: Justinian's Foreign Policy in the East

Wednesday 25 April (5.15 pm, Parliament Hall)
(Nick Browne Memorial Lecture, Institute of Iranian Studies)
Sir Geoffrey Adams
‘Patient Diplomacy’