Scotland and the Wider World

Reproduced with permission of Det Kongelige Bibliotek

About the Project

The Institute of Scottish Historical Research within the School of History at the University of St Andrews currently hosts this innovative project which seeks to establish the full extent of Scotland’s links with the ‘Wider World’ particularly in the Early Modern Period. Very often, projects which tackle the subject of ‘Scotland and…’ either confine themselves to the relationship between governments, such as the Auld Alliance  between Scotland and France, or to what has become known as Scottish Diaspora Studies. This includes the study of migration, community development and network building by Scots in another part of the world. Project members based at St Andrews have been at the core of the avant guarde of such scholarship in the twenty-first century. However, they have also been keen to move beyond those ‘comfortable histories’ that present an idealised past where one might be forgiven for believing that it was national territories rather than human beings who constructed and maintained links between peoples in various parts of the world. Thus the St Andrews Scotland and the Wider World Project seeks to explore a variety of connections including:

  • Diplomatic Contact and Dynastic Alliances
  • Immigration and Emigration (movement of people)
  • Commercial Contacts (movement of goods and capital)
  • Cultural Contacts (transfer of ideas, books, art)
  • Negative Contacts (war, piracy and political intrigue)

By so doing, the project staff continue to set the agenda in the research of this subject area and continue to add to the greater understanding of the place of Scotland and the Scots in the Early Modern World