Institute of Legal and Consitutional Research

ILCR Events - Second Semester 2017-18


6 February (5 pm, Arts Lecture Theatre)
CGC Dr Anastasia Shesterinina (Sheffield)
‘Mobilising under uncertainty in civil war’

13 February (12.30 pm, Lunch Room 9 & 1 pm, Old Class Library)
Law’s Two Bodies Douglas Kinnear

21 February (5 pm, Arts Lecture Theatre)
Dr Jonathan Leader Maynard (Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford)
‘Thoughts on Ideology and Mass Atrocities’ 

26 February (5 pm, Arts Lecture Theatre)
CGC Roundtable ‘China and the 21st Century Global Order’

1 March (5 pm, Parliament Hall)
Professor Scott Straus (Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
‘Genocide and Political Violence’

2 March (2.30 pm, School 5, St Salvator's Quad)
Annual Public Event
Stephen Toope (Vice-Chancellor, Cambridge University)
‘International Law and Today’s Global Order: an Interview’, interviewer Tony Lang.

9 March (10 am, Room 103 Medical and Biological Sciences Building)
‘Voices of Conscience in Early Modern Europe’: A colloquium to discuss Nicole Reinhardt, Voices of Conscience: Royal Confessors and Political Counsel in Seventeenth-Century Spain and France

12 March (5.15 pm, Parliament Hall)
SAIMS Annual Lecture
Professor Dan Smail (Harvard)

‘The Materiality of Credit: Debt Collection as Pawnbroking in Late Medieval Mediterranean Europe’

14 March (11 am & 1 pm, Senate Room)
Professor David Armitage (Harvard)

A conversation with Professor Nick Rengger to discuss Professor Armitage’s book Civil Wars
(5.15 pm, Room 1.10, St Katharine’s Lodge)
‘The Dark Side of Enlightened Cosmopolitanism: Civilisation and Civil War’

16 March (9.30 am, Arts Lecture Theatre)
‘Editing Early Modern Texts and Sources: Problems and Possibilities’

17 April (12.30 pm Lunch Room 9 & 1 pm Old Class Library)
Law’s Two Bodies, Stuart Pemble

April 30 (5.15 pm Parliament Hall)
Butler/ILCR Lionel Butler Lecture, Professor Michael Cook (Princeton)

'The spread of Islam around the Indian Ocean’

Professor Cook will also give a lunchtime workshop on the same day.

11-12 May Legal History Conference

8 June Alice Taylor (King’s College London)
Title to be confirmed