Institute of Legal and Consitutional Research

ILCR Events - Semester 2 2018/19



26 January, 4 pm (Old Class Library)
Rob Bartlett and John Hudson in conversation
‘800 years of Jury trial’

7 February, 5 pm (Arts Lecture Theatre)
Beverley Loke (Exeter), Chris Ogden (St Andrews), Catherine Jones (St Andrews), and Konrad Lawson (St Andrews)
‘Roundtable: China and the 21st Century Global Order'

11 February, 7 pm (Arts Lecture Theatre)
‘The jury on trial: a debate’

6 March, 5 pm (Arts Lecture Theatre)
Hyeran Jo (Texas A&M University)
‘Laws of War: Current Challenges’

11 March, 5.15 pm (Parliament Hall)
Robin Stacey (University of Washington)

‘Hidden Narratives in Medieval Welsh Law’

12 March, 1 pm (Old Class Library)
Robin Stacey (University of Washington)

29 - 30 April, ILCR Annual Conference/British Academy Conference
‘Sovereignty: a Global Perspective’
(Registration required: for details see

1 May, 5 pm (Arts Lecture Theatre)
Emilia Justyna Powell (Notre Dame)

Islamic International Law

3 May, 12.30 pm, lunch - Room 9, 71 South Street, 1 pm Old Seminar Room
Law’s Two Bodies interview with Harry Potter, as Thomas Erskine

3 May, 5 pm (Parliament Hall)
‘Law in The Games of Thrones

9 May, 12.30 pm lunch - Room 9, 71 South Street, 1 pm, Old Class Library
Bruce Frier (University of Michigan), as the jurist Julian
Law’s Two Bodies interview

10 May, 5 pm (Old Class Library)
Bruce Frier (University of Michigan)
‘What held Roman Law together’

10 - 13 July
The British Legal History Conference (Registration and Conference fee required: for details see