Vittorio Mattioli

BA (DEREE – The American College of Greece) M.Litt. (University of St Andrews)

Thesis Title: Performing Grímnismál: Knowledge of the world of the gods
Supervisors: Dr Alex Woolf and Dr James Palmer

Research Interests: My research interests are mainly in the early Germanic-speaking world and Indo-European studies in general. More specifically, I am interested in Old Norse mythology and language, as well as folklore and archæology. The question of an old Proto-Indo-European religion is always in the back of my head and would like to research more on comparative mythologies in the future.

As the title suggests, my thesis is based on the Eddic poem known as Grímnismál found in the manuscript known as Codex Regius (GKS 2365 4to), located in Reykjavik. After addressing the problem of using the sources available for the study of Germanic pre-Christian mythologies and religions, I am planning on editing and translating Grímnismál and undertaking a study of its themes, especially in relation to naturalistic elements. Consequently, I am planning on studying it from a linguistic perspective and, in conjunction with the content, try to see whether any parts of the poem can be shown to be earlier than the time of the writing of the manuscript, when Iceland had already converted to Christianity for more than two centuries.

I teach on ME1003