PhD Student Profiles

Completed PhD Students

Recent theses completed in the School are deposited in the University Library. Titles and abstracts are all online; fulltext is available in some cases.

Current PhD Students




Bailey, Carol

Aspects of Identity in Late Eighteenth Century British Linguistics: from James Harris to William Jones

Emily Betz


Birney, Ethan

The Fenland Houses During Stephen's Reign

Cabi, Marouf

The impact of the modernisation of Iran on the Kurdish society, 1921-1979

Campbell, Morag Allan

‘This distressing malady’: Madness and childbirth in nineteenth century Scotland

Clausner, Arik

In Aid of Nation and Empire: The Emergence of the Professional British Entomologist

Cumby, Jamie

The Lyonnais Book Industry from 1502 to 1562

Daglish, Richard

'Decolonising White Africa: Examining the Experiences of Algerians and Kenyans'

Dalton, Jessica

Jesuit confession and the private absolution of heresy in sixteenth-century Italy.

der Weduwen, Arthur

Selling the Republican Ideal. State Communication in the Dutch Golden Age

Eken, Mattias

‘The Enola Gay Controversy and the American Encounter with Nuclear Weapons’

Elkins, Mark

Directives on health, sickness and death: how to be well, how to be ill, and how to die in early modern England

Farrell-Jobst, Jessica

Women Printers in the Early Modern German Book Trade: The Case for Nuremberg

Gielas, Anna

The Genesis and Consolidation of commercial scientific journals in the German lands and Britain, 1770-1840

Goi, Edwin

‘Concino Concini, Maréchal d’Ancre: Pamphleteering and Power Politics in Early Modern France, 1610-17.’

Hagedorn, Jan

Domestic Slavery in the Middle East during the Islamic Middle Period

Heren, Louise

'Male Violence in Scotland in the interwar period'

Hillgaertner, Jan

Printed newspaper in seventeenth century England, Germany, France and the Netherlands. The Impact of new media functionality on the reader

Jack, Gillian

The Experience of Converted Prostitutes in the Monastero di Santa Elisabetta delle Convertite in Florence,"

Jaffre, Marc

'The Early Bourbon Courts, 1589-1643"

Jones, Charles

The Albertine Web: Prince Albert and Foreign Affairs, 1840-1861

Kim, Minchul

Democracy and representation in the French Revolution

Kriner, Lucas

The Activity of the Genevan Consistory, 1542-1552

Lawrence, Hannah


Leung, Percy

Symphonic Beneficence: The Social and Political Contributions of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra during the First World War

Lott, Rebecca

Ethnic Charities in Philadelphia and Charleston, 1740s-1810s

MacLellan, Rory

Patronage of the Knights Hospitaller in fourteenth century Britain and Ireland, c.1291-1400

McKinven, Carol

‘Quite at liberty to marry another’: bigamy in nineteenth century Scotland

McNamara, Kevin

In the Service of His Majesty's Government: The British Consular Service in the Third Reich between 1933-1939

Marchi, Maria Christina

'Princes and their People: the Evolving Role of the Italian Heirs to the Throne in the Public Eye, 1860-1914' 

Mattioli, Vittorio

Performing Grímnismál: Knowledge of the world of the gods

Meyer Forsting, Richard

Monarchy and Army in Nineteenth Century Spain: The Role of Heirs to the Throne

Mikolajczyk, Agnieszka

Negotiating pasts and power in medieval Iceland: The dynamics of cultural memory and royal ideology in sagas and laws

Murphy, Sean

'Broadly speaking: lowland language, imperial exceptionalism, and the Scottish 'diaspora.'

Murray, Frances

Weeping Kings: Masculinity and Power in the Early Middle Ages

Paquette, Jonathan

'Scottish Unionist and Tory Ideas in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries'

Peterson, Anna

Sick Soul, Sick Body: Fourth Lateran Council and hospitals in 13th century Narbonne and Siena

Pollock, Maxine

'Henry Brougham and early nineteenth century international relations'

Potocki, Piotr

The Catholic Church and Scottish Politics, c. 1878–1939

Robinson, Heather

Implications of Iranian Foreign Policy in Afghanistan: A Pre- and Post-Revolutionary Comparison

Rutten, Anne

Textual Communication in the Reigns of Robert II and Robert III of Scotland, 1371-1406

Schaller, Martin

The Habsburg Empire from the outside perspective
Experiences and encounters of nineteenth century travellers, ca. 1815-1860s

Schneider, Miriam

The “Sailor Prince” in the Age of Empire: Creating a Monarchical Brand in Nineteenth-Century Europe

Sherman, Kimberly

Family and Kinship Networks among Scots Emigrants in North Carolina

Smith, Austin

Local Patriotism in the Japanese Periphery: Popular Responses to International Conflict and War Commemoration in Tokushima.

St John, Jac

The political policing of 'subversives' & the changing face of 'the enemy within', 1968-1979

Strickland, Forrest

The Devotion of Collecting. Ministers and the Culture of Print in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic

Thomas, Drew

The industry of evangelism: Printing for the Reformation in Luther’s Wittenberg

Tidd, Kathryn

The transmission of Latin and vernacular ad status sermons in the early thirteenth century

Tranter, Samuel

Remembering the Great War in Britain, 1939-45

Varner, Jason

A Question of Cosmology?:  European Religious Communities and the Other in Early Modern America. 

Veneziani, Enrico

Honorius II (Pope) and His Ecclesiology

Wertelecki, Konstantin

Anglo-Italian Florentine Relations 1922-1943

White, Sarah

Legal Arguments and Equity in Church Courts in England in the Thirteenth Century

Ylitalo, Matthew

Transmaritime Spaces of Opportunity:  Nineteenth-Century Dundee and the Arctic Whaling Trade

Zornetta, Giulia

Langobardia minor (VIIIth-XIth centuries). Conflict, society, power.