Panagiotis Georgakakis

BA, M. Phil (Athens)



Contact Details

Thesis title: News, Books and Information in the Huguenot International, 1680-1720
Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Pettegree


Research Interests

Panagiotis comes from Athens. He was awarded a BA in History and Archaeology from the University of Athens (2011), followed by a M. Phil in Early Modern History from the same (2017). His doctoral research is a study of the socio-cultural history of the French Huguenot communities in Western Europe and the American colonies after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, focusing specifically on the connections amongst these communities and the role of print in the formation of an international Huguenot network.

His research interests are grounded in the history of identities and the transfer of political ideas and propaganda throughout Europe, in an era in which the development of the state had just begun.


‘The causes that lead to the English civil War. The Creation of New Model Army1642- 1649’, 21st Summer Workshop of Postgraduate Students in Modern and Contemporary History at the University of Crete, 8- 10 July 2016

‘Refugies, Migrants, indesirables’ (‘Refuges, immigrants, undesirables’), 2nd meeting of European Postgraduate Students at Perpignan, France, 25 June 2016- 05 July 2016, Organization: UNHCR

‘The effect of Calvinist religious theory in the New Model Army during the Irish campaign, 1649- 1653’, 7th Conference Meeting Postgraduate Students of European History at the University of Athens, 7 June 2017