Niall MacGalloway

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Supervisor: Dr Stephen Tyre

I graduated in 2010 from the University of Edinburgh with an MA (Hons.) in History. I then returned to Edinburgh, graduating in 2011 with an MSc in The Second World War in Europe. My Master’s thesis was entitled “Britain and the Italian Resistance, 1943-1945” and explored the discrepancies between official British policy and “on-the-ground” policy towards the Italian resistance.

My doctoral thesis is entitled “The Italian Occupation of South-Eastern France, 1940-1943” and focuses on a relatively unexplored aspect of the Second World War. I intend to look at this subject thematically, examining issues of government and governance, economic exploitation, civil resistance, Italianisation/ Fascistisation of the occupied territories, Franco-Italian relations, and collaboration, particularly in organisations such as the police.
Scholars have traditionally made use of either Italian or French archives, however my project aims to bring together these sources for the first time in English. I also intend to explore the French départemental archives, allowing me to study local issues.
More broadly my research interests include the Second World War; Italian Fascism; Vichy France; totalitarian governments; collaboration and resistance; societies under military occupation; twentieth century France; post-war Italy; policing in inter-war and twentieth century Europe.


MacGalloway, N. “All the King’s Men? British Official Policy towards the Italian Resistance”, Retrospectives, 2, 1 (2013) -

Conference Presentations

MacGalloway, N. “Policing and Sovereignty in Italian-Occupied Nice, 1942-3”, University of Glasgow, February 2014.
MacGalloway, N. “Sovereignty and Legitimacy in Italian-Occupied France, 1940-3”, University of St Andrews, May 2013. Profile: