Neale Schofield

Master of Arts (Christianity and the Arts): King’s College London
Master of Commerce: University of New South Wales
Bachelor of Business: University of Western Sydney


Contact Details

Thesis Title: Communicating Lutheranism: The Wittenberg Print Industry in an age of Orthodoxy, 1555-1618
Supervisor: Professor Andrew Pettegree





Background and Research Interests

Neale has a background in professional media, business management and pastoral ministry while also serving administratively on a variety of Boards and Committees.  He has lived in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. Neale has an interest in the way in which media has influenced religious history. His MA dissertation at King’s College was based on the efforts and impact of Lucas Cranach on the Protestant Reformation. His PhD thesis at St Andrews is centred in Wittenberg, but at a later period than the time of Cranach and Luther; a period known for its Lutheran orthodoxy during a time of confessionalisation. The primary areas of interest include the dynamics of the print industry, the connection between print and the Wittenberg University and the unique way in which Lutheranism was communicated through Wittenberg print.