Maxine Esser


Thesis:'John of Salisbury and Law'.
Supervisor: Professor John Hudson

Looking at all the works of John of Salisbury, the aim of my thesis is to concentrate on legal aspects contained therein, specifically how much law John knew; where he gained knowledge of law, in terms of sources used; how his thinking differs from his contemporaries, or otherwise.  My research shall also consider specific aspects of legal discussion covered by John in his Policraticus, e.g. the legality of soldiers; how a prince should behave within the law; and the role of judges.  Additionally, to what extent John appeared as a legal advisor to the Archbishop of Canterbury will be addressed.

Papers Given:
April 2012: 'Pleading ignorance of the law: John of Salisbury and the military' - John of Salisbury Colloquium, University of Durham;
July 2011: John of Salisbury: canon law in context - Leeds IMC.
2011-2012: ME1006 Scotland and the English Empire, 1070-1500;
2010-2011: ME2001 British Isles from the ninth to thirteenth centuries.