Marouf Cabi

Birkbeck College, London: B. A. History
SOAS, London: MA Middle Eastern Studies
St. Andrews University, St. Andrews: Master of Literature (M. Litt.), Iranian Studies



Thesis title: The impact of the modernisation of Iran on Kurdish society, 1921-1979
Supervisor: Professor Ali M. Ansari and Dr. Saeed Talajooy

My PhD thesis (Viva: November 2018) examines the consequences of modernity and modernisation for Kurdish-Iranian society in the twentieth century. It identifies a dual process of socio-economic transformation and homogenisation of culture and identity, the dialectics of which (re)formed the economic, social, political and cultural structures of modern Kurdish society in Iran. During the modernisation of Iran, the era of the ‘White Revolution’ is distinguished for the profound transformation of Iran it entailed. Therefore, an interpretation of the era constitutes the main concern of this thesis because, building on previous attempts to modernise Iran, the era of the White Revolution was crucial in engendering profound changes in Kurdish society.



Journal Pubications

  • “The Clash of National Narratives and the Marginalization of Kurdish-Iranian Historiography,” Contemporary Review of the Middle East, vol. 4:4 (Dec. 2017), 335-355.
  • “Amir Hassanpour and the Advance of Kurdish Social Studies in Iran”, Derwaze: Kurdish Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, No. 2, (Apr. 2018), 82-95.
  • Forthcoming: “Making the Kurds the Best Allies of The West: the Last Mufti of Iranian Kurdistan [in Kurdish],Derwaze: Kurdish Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities,

Book Publications

  • Dasht-i Dareh (Kurdish: Dareh Fields, 2013). A story of a Kurdish boy, his encounter with the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the events which followed.
  • Pekdadani Penasekan (Kurdish: The Clash of Definitions (2016). This book is an introduction to Edward Said for a Kurdish readership, his contribution to the concept of culture and his critique of orientalism.
  • Iranian Kurdistan: Modernisation and Revolution (Online book in Persian, 2013).

Conference and Seminar Papers

  • Iranian-Kurdish Cultural Production, University of Exeter:“The Duality of Official & Local in Cultural Encounters in Modern Iran.” 17th- 18th December 2018.                               
  • Kurdish Poetry Translation Workshop, University of Exeter. 24th – 25th May 2018     
  • Contemporary Kurdish Literature, seminar co-organiser, University of St Andrews: Sherko Bekas and Post-National Kurdish Literature.” 28 April 2017.
  • Culture and Cultural Production in Iran: Past and Present, panel organiser, University of St Andrews: “Modernity and The Nationalisation of Kurdish Culture and History.” 17th – 19th July 2016.



Deans' List, Master of Literature, University of St Andrews
Awarded to students who achieve outstanding results. 2014/5


Undergraduate module (School of History), Introduction to Middle Eastern History
Postgraduate module (School of Modern Languages), Middle Eastern Literary and Cultural Contexts