Louise Heren

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Email: leh21@st-andrews.ac.uk

Thesis title: 'Male Violence in Scotland in the interwar period'
Supervisor: Prof Rab Houston & Dr. William Knox



Few historians have examined homicide in a Scottish context in spite of the incredibly rich and largely unbroken court papers of the High Court of Justiciary (HCJ), held in the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh.  While work has been carried out into violence in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, no one has investigated the statistics of violence during the inter-war period, or attempted to explain how the trends seen across previous centuries behaved after the upheaval of the First World War.  The purpose of this research project is not only to fill the lacuna in our knowledge of interpersonal violence in Scotland, but also to relate the findings for Scotland to other studies that have been carried out by historians in England, Western Europe and the USA; and to engage with the larger theoretical issues and themes that inform this area of historical inquiry.