Laura Incollingo

BA (University of Bologna), MA Honours (University of Bologna), M Phil (University of Modena e Reggio Emilia)  

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Thesis Title: Political Engagement and popular print in the Spanish Naples (1503-1707)
Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Pettegree





Laura gained both her BA in History (2013) and MA in Modern History (2016) at the University of Bologna before being awarded a second Master’s degree in Public History at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (2017). Her doctoral research concerns the investigation of the relations between the State, the Church and the People in the Kingdom of Naples during the period of the Spanish Vice-realm (1503 - 1707), through the study of sources such as State papers, religious edicts and bans, broadsheets, pamphlets, accounts of historical events and natural disasters (volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and epidemics).

This research is also focused on specific dynamics related to the book history, such as the analysis of the devices of printing control and dissemination of the news put in place by the Church and the State, up to the reconstruction of the different forms of narration of events elaborated on one side by the inspection bodies holders of political power and, on the other, by the producers and sellers of popular print media. Results obtained and hypotheses will be presented through the analysis of the relationships People-State and People-Church, as well as by examining specific events treated as case studies, namely the Vesuvius’ volcanic eruption of 1631, the Masaniello’s revolt of 1647 and the plague epidemic of 1656.