Joshua Hill



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Thesis Title: Everyday Patterns of Drug Consumption in Late-Francoist Spain (1960-1975)
Supervisor: Dr Kate Ferris






My research examines the everyday patterns of drug use in Spain’s major urban centres from 1960 – 1975. It aims to show how patterns of drug consumption, contemporary understandings of drugs, and ultimately their effects, were socially and culturally produced. In doing so, it hopes to shed new light on the everyday lives of people and their subjective experiences under the Spanish dictatorship.

It sits alongside my research as part of the wider ERC-funded project, “Dictatorship as Experience, a Comparative History of Everyday Life and the Lived Experience of Dictatorship in Mediterranean Europe (1922-1975)”.


ERC Studentship, University of St Andrews, 2018

School of Arts and Law Scholarship, University of Birmingham, 2015