Jordan Brown

B.A. in History (Magna cum laude): University of California, Santa Cruz
M.Litt. in Modern History (Honours in the Dissertation): University of St Andrews



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Thesis Title: “The Queen's Militants: The UWC Strike and Radical Activism throughout the United Kingdom.”
Supervisor: Professor Colin Kidd and Dr Malcom Petrie



I left California for St Andrews after completing a BA in history at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2015.  While at UC Santa Cruz I completed a dissertation on the Kennedy Administration’s interaction with the civil rights movement, specifically the riot at Ole Miss in 1962 over James Meredith’s enrolment.

In 2016, I completed my M.Litt. Dissertation at the University of St Andrews on California Proposition 14 in 1964 and the missed opportunity by California advocates for the civil rights movement and fair housing legislation.

I began a PhD in Modern History in 2016 working with Professor Colin Kidd under the tentative title of “The Queen's Militants: The UWC Strike and Radical Activism throughout the United Kingdom.”  I hope to expand upon the role of trade unions during the 1970s in Northern Ireland.  I also hope to highlight the interactions between mainland Britain left-wing groups and Northern Ireland.  My desire is to incorporate elements of British and Irish history tougher into a single narrative.  I will also engage with similar events during this period outside the United Kingdom to provide transnational contexts for the Ulster Workers Council Strike beyond a British or Irish only perspective.

My Research interests are in militant and radical movements in the mid-20th century. This includes but is not limited to; the American civil rights movement, the Berkeley free speech movement, and the trade union activism in the United Kingdom during the 1970s and 1980s.  I have particular interest in the documents militant organizations created for public consumption and the role that these posters, leaflets, and pamphlets would have in shaping public opinion.  I am also interested in radical politics and militancy in Japan, Germany, and Mexico. I also like to explore the role of the historian with the public and the public’s engagement with a historian’s work.


Best Undergraduate Research Paper Finalist 
Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award (HURGA)

Related Experience

Researcher, Institute for the Humanities at the University of California, Santa Cruz 2015