Jonathan Triffitt

MA (St And.), MSc (Edin.)  


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Email: jt63@st-andrews.ac.uk

Thesis Title: Talking with crowds and walking with kings: The fall of monarchy in Hessen, Bavaria and Württemberg, 1918-c.1934
Supervisor: Professor Frank Lorenz Müller and Professor Riccardo Bavaj





I read German and modern history at the University of St Andrews (MA 2016), spending my third year at the University of Bonn. While abroad, I studied and developed an interest in the political culture of the Weimar Republic, later writing an honours dissertation on the fate of monarchism in inter-war Germany. After completing a master’s degree in history at the University of Edinburgh (MSc 2017), I returned to St Andrews and this topic for my PhD.


My thesis concerns the fall of monarchy in Germany at the end of the First World War. Within only a few days in November 1918, the German Empire’s monarchical edifice collapsed suddenly and completely as revolution swept through the land; kings, dukes and princes in twenty-two states were overthrown and the red flag raised in triumph from their ancestral turrets. With a focus on three states, the Kingdoms of Bavaria and Württemberg and the Grand Duchy of Hessen, my thesis will examine a much-neglected legacy of this unique caesura, namely the ‘de-monarchification’ of Germany after 1918. Specifically, it will chart the various legal and political processes which accompanied and effected the abolition of Germany’s regional monarchies (both formally and symbolically) and the consequences they had for the ex-monarchs, their former subjects, the states themselves, and the relations which existed between them.

This research is kindly funded by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.


Robertson Medal (Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, October 2017)
Principal’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence (University of St Andrews, October 2015)