Jan Hagedorn

M.A. (St Andrews), M.Phil. (Oxon.)

Thesis title: Domestic Slavery in Syria and Egypt, 1200-1500
Supervisors: Andrew Peacock, Angus Stewart, Tim Greenwood
Email: jhh4@st-andrews.ac.uk

Jan Hagedorn's research project investigates domestic slavery as a distinct social phenomenon in the Mamluk Middle East. Using both literary and documentary sources of this period, this study aims to produce a comprehensive characterization of this institution while also taking into account the individual life experiences of slaves and freed slaves. His principal sources are the historical works of al-Maqrizi, the documents from the al-Haram al-Sharif, and listening certificates from Damascus. He has traveled widely in the Middle East both for language training in Arabic and Persian and for archival research.

Jan was awarded an M.A. in Middle East Studies & Arabic from the University of St Andrews and an M.Phil. in Islamic Studies and History from the University of Oxford. His project is supported by an AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership studentship awarded by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities.