Hannah Lawrence

BA in History: University of North Carolina at Greensboro (US), MA in History: University of Southampton (England), PhD in Modern History: University of St Andrews


Contact Details
Email: hl49@st-andrews.ac.uk

Thesis title:
Supervisor: Professor Rab Houston



Research Interests:

Broadly, I am researching certain British country houses (open to the public) and their imperial origins/ representations. I am exploring their current methods of display and communication with the public concerning these imperial pasts. Additionally, through the conducting of surveys, I hope to understand what the British public has come to expect in an encounter with country houses. Using these practical inquiries and assessments, I hope to delve into how country houses and the larger heritage industry affect notions of national identity.

My thesis topic reflects my interest in discourses of inclusion and exclusion, historic omission, selective remembering, and the power of nostalgia.  These themes within my thesis should illuminate the significance of placing both historic romanticization and historic transparency in the appropriate contexts--as well as the results of not doing so.

My work benefits from inter-disciplinary collaboration. In addition to modern historical research, I strongly utilize social science, political analysis, and memory theory.