Emily Betz


Contact Details
Email: eb261@st-andrews.ac.uk
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emily-betz-8928b1134/

Thesis title: Conceptualizing Madness in Tudor England: An Examination of Sixteenth-Century Insanity and its Treatment
Supervisor: Professor Rab Houston



Research Interests

My research takes an interdisciplinary approach to examining the disease of melancholy and its influence on English identity, c. 1550-1750. I explore how melancholy was conceptualized through the lenses of medicine, religion, and political discourse in an attempt to shed light on how the English became associated with a melancholy disposition in the early modern period.

Published Articles

  • ‘Love and Dishonour in Elizabethan England: two families and a failed marriage’. Social History, 43:4 (2018), 533-535.
  • ‘The Birth of a Queen: Essays on the Quincentenary of Mary I’. Sixteenth Century Journal, 48:3 (Fall 2017), 832-833.
  • “Commemoration in Tudor England: Changing Practices of Death during the Henrician Reformation” in St Andrews Historical Journal 7:1 (Fall 2017), 16-21.