Edwin Goi

M.A., M.Litt. (St Andrews)


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Thesis title:‘ Concino Concini, Maréchal d’Ancre: Pamphleteering and Power Politics in Early Modern France, 1610-17.’
Supervisor: Professor Andrew Pettegree and Professor Guy Rowlands


Research Interests:

Edwin Andrew Goi took his M.A. (First Class Hons.) and M.Litt. (Distinction) from the University of St Andrews. His research interests lie in the history of early modern France, primarily of the period between 1559 and 1661. He is interested in the period’s power politics, patronage and clientage, and the role of minister-favourites. Above all, he is interested in the culture and rebellions of the French great nobility.

Edwin’s doctoral research would examine the career and reputation of Concino Concini, maréchal d'Ancre, who served as the regent Marie de Medici’s minister-favourite during Louis XIII’s effective minority (1610-1617). His research seeks to uncover the nature and sinews of Concini’s power, wealth, and influence at court, as well as understand his controversial role, policies, personality, and reputation, all of which contributed to his dramatic downfall in 1617.



Edwin is a recipient of the Carnegie PhD Scholarship awarded by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland and the St Leonard’s College PhD Scholarship by the University of St Andrews.