Drew Thomas

Drew Thomas

BA (Saint Louis University), MTS (Harvard University)

Contact Details:
Email: dt30@st-andrews.ac.uk

Thesis Title: The industry of evangelism: Printing for the Reformation in Luther's Wittenberg
Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Pettegree

Research interests:

My research interests lie in the sixteenth-century Protestant reformations and the history of the book. I am also interested in the catholic reformation, the development of the Society of Jesus, and how political and economic forces worked in conjunction with theological beliefs during the reformation period.

This thesis focuses on religious printing in Wittenberg at the time of Martin Luther's reformation. The printing press greatly aided the spread and acceptance of Luther's new religious beliefs. Likewise, the writings published in Wittenberg also affected the development of the print industry -- publishing techniques, presentation, and marketing strategies. Wittenberg is of particular interest not only because it was the centre of the Lutheran reformation, but also because it was one of the only cities with a vibrant print industry which was not also an important economic hub for trade. Did particular practices developed by printers for religious texts, such as specific formats or methods of production, affect the industry as a whole? Beyond the production process, were there developments in how books were marketed and sold? The Reformation ushered in a coming of age for the print industry, which had slowly matured during the latter half of the fifteenth century. I hope to provide a more detailed understanding of evangelical printing during the Reformation and its implication in the wider European print industry.