Anne Rutten

BA (Leiden University), MRes (Utrecht University)


Thesis title: Textual Communication in the Reigns of Robert II and Robert III of Scotland, 1371-1406
Supervisor: Dr Katie Stevenson and Professor Michael Brown


My PhD thesis focuses on Robert II and Robert III of Scotland, the first kings of the Stewart dynasty. Instead of emphasising their use of family relations to govern the country, I draw attention to the communication of their reigns, specifically the use of government documents and other written sources. Central to this project are the content and context of textual communication and how these changed under the stress of other factors like external events, audience or intention. The self-representation of Robert II and Robert III in these documents plays a large role, and how they were positioned relative to other parties in their community. Chapters focus on the connections to politics both inside and outside of the kingdom, as well as the reach of the different language domains within the country. Underexamined layers of society are also a part of this analysis, such as the role and function of the burghs, and the place of the clergy during the late fourteenth century. By focusing on the paper trails of the early Stewart reigns the power of the written word can be examined, as well as the authority of texts and documents produced by, for and with kings.


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  • ‘Guardians, Lieutenants, Monarchs: Robert II, Robert III and the re-invention of late fourteenth-century Scottish kingship’; Challenging Grand Narratives: A Medieval History Research Workshop, Trinity College Dublin, June 2017  
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  • International Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Language and Literature Bursary (2017
  • Scottish Medievalists Bursary (2017)
  • Dorothy Dunnett Academic History Prize (2016)
  • AD Links Foundation Scholarship (2015-2018)
  • Prins Bernhard Cultuurfondsbeurs (2015)
  • Leiden University Harting Scholarship (2011-2012)