Amy Eberlin

Thesis Title: Trade and Diplomacy Between Scotland and Flanders, 1320-1513
Supervisor: Dr Katie Stevenson

Before arriving in St Andrews, Amy completed her BA in History with a minor in Sociology/Anthropology at Denison University in 2011. She then went on to pursue a MLitt in Medieval Studies at the University of Aberdeen, which she received in 2012. Her research interests have covered military religious orders in western Christendom, the nobility of medieval Scotland, and urban life in fifteenth century Scottish burghs. Her MLitt dissertation focussed on the impact of national, regional, and local political conflicts on the socio-political networks of the Arbuthnotts of Arbuthnott and the Scotts of Buccleuch, two lesser noble families in Scotland, from 1437 to 1469. Her current research is part of the Scotland and the Flemish Peoples Project in the Institute of Scottish Historical Research.

Amy’s research looks at the Scots who participated, whether as merchants or ambassadors, in Scotto-Flemish relations in the later medieval period. During this period, the relationship between Scotland and Flanders was based upon the wool trade and Scotland exportation of its wool to Flanders. Even though the Scotto-Flemish wool trade was the lynchpin of the Scottish economy, little research has focussed on its importance to the Scots. This thesis endeavours to provide a new perspective on Scottish involvement in trade and diplomacy with Flanders by examining the shifts in the control of Scotland’s export industry, the social networks of merchants and ambassadors, and the limited opportunities available for Flemings to participate in mercantile activities in Scotland after 1347.

Academic Papers:

Forthcoming: ‘John Turing and Alexander Lauder: The Influence of the Strengthening Networks of Scots Involved in Relations with Flanders’ at International Medieval Conference: Kalamazoo, May 2014

Forthcoming: ‘‘Exiled and banished from intercourse with the Flemish’: The Efficacy of Scottish Council Acts in the Mid-Fourteenth Century’ at the Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, March 2014

‘‘By Right of His Wife’: Flemings in late Medieval and Early Modern Scottish Guilds’ at the Institute of Scottish Historical Research Reading Weekend, April 2013

‘The Scotts of Buccleuch: An Analysis of the Socio-Political Network of the Lesser Landed Nobility, 1437-1469’ at New Frontiers Conference, York University (Canada), February 2012


Organiser: Institute of Scottish Historical Research Reading Weekend, March 2014

Section Editor: Bibliography of British and Irish History, Institute of Historical Research from September 2013