Andrew Dodd

Alexandra Hill

MA (Hons), MLitt (St Andrews)


Thesis title: An analysis of the Stationers’ Register and printing in London 1557-1640
Supervisor: Professor Andrew Pettegree

Research Interests
My research interests cover the history of the book, particularly within early modern Europe and I also have an interest in early modern England as a whole, especially its legal, medical and socio-cultural history.

My thesis will focus on what the entries in the Stationers’ Register reveal about printing in London and the wider Tudor and Stuart world, as well as understanding the reasons behind book survival. Printing in early modern England was unusual as it was placed under the monopoly of the Stationers’ Company in London, who regulated the system through the use of a Register. The Register was an annual account of all the licences issued to printers and publishers, documenting names of the licensees, the titles of works registered and other incidental information, such as the number of copies printed. Many of the works printed in the sixteenth and seventeenth century have not survived and my analysis will involve correlating the Register entries with data on surviving books taken from the Universal Short-Title Catalogue to gain a better understanding of lost items, particularly the more ephemeral works such as ballads. Entries in the Stationers’ Register not only demonstrate the huge loss of printed works from the period, but also provide valuable evidence about the works that have not survived and this can be analysed and evaluated.